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Our cute little shop-in-a-shed is open 10:30-4:30 every Friday and Saturday throughout the year.  Here you'll find a selection of unique gifts and Christian crafts, all hand-made by me from natural or recycled materials.  

I welcome commissions so please get in touch with your requirements and I'll make something especially for you!

Please note, items are available for collection only.

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Desk tidy


Folded books

From £10-£30


Lollipop stick trinket box


Tealight centrepiece



Trinket box


Victorian parlour game



Set of 4 Slate Coasters

(square, circle or




Tealight treepot


Painted stones

From £2.50 to £10


Pyrography logs

From £20

Slate wall hangings

From £6.50


Beatles record wall clock



Pyrography plaques

From £8.00

Wooden wall hangings

From £15.00

Happy Days ornaments


Little Woodland Friends

Deer    £7:00

Rabbit   £8:00

Bear   £15:00

Owl    £7:00

Mouse   £10:00

Cat   £15:00

Stick advice

From £4:00

Stick with me.jpg
Stick around.jpg
Sticky situation.jpg
Stick to the point.jpg
Stick together.jpg

The Twiggz

From £5:00

The Twiggz  are a family of stick people from the Haven Garden. 

Each one is a completely unique character hoping to be adopted.


Fairy houses

All our fairy houses are completely unique, inspired by the characteristics of the  logs from which they are made.   For this reason, they cannot be made to order.


Pine Lodge


This is a favourite holiday destination for fairies from all over the world.  A tiny key hangs next to the door, but only magical residents know the magic words to release it.

Helter-Skelter House       £40

Every holiday fairies flock to Helter-Skelter house. Carefully tucking their wings away, they climb up the spiral staircase, dive through the chimney and whizz down the helter-skelter slide before crashing out of the trap door at the base of the building.

The Tall & The Small                £45:00

Fairies come in all shapes and sizes. So when a very tall fairy became best friends with a very small fairy, they decided to build matching houses and be neighbours.

That is why these houses cannot be sold separately.


St. Fairy's Chapel


Every Sunday fairies from miles around pile into St. Fairy's Chapel to thank God for His wonderful creation.

Heartstring Hall


Nofairy lives in Heartstring Hall.  It is a place of secrets.  Whenever fairies hear a tale to tug at their heartstrings, they visit Heartsting Hall and write it on the walls in fairy dust, then lock it away. Otherwise, the burden of cares and worries might weigh them down and prevent them from being able to fly.

Birds' Nest Hall


The little old fairy of Birds' Nest Hall is something of a legend among the fairy folk.  She shares her home with hundreds of ladybirds and there are fairystories and rhymes about her.

 "The little old fairy of Birds' Nest Hall

  Just loves all the ladybirds, spots and all!

  They live in her house and they fly to her call

  The little old fairy of of Birds' Nest Hall."


Heartslate Cottage                       SOLD

This is one of our smallest houses and is made with lots of love. It is a favourite honeymoon destination for newly-wed faires.


Chimneypot Cottage                  £25:00

The fairies know when someone is at home in Chimneypot Cottage. Unless you are a fairy, you won't be able to see the magical rainbow-coloured fairy smoke that comes out of the chimney.

Moss House Church.png

Moss House   £48:00

In the human realm, churches are often converted into houses but the opposite applies for fairies.  When a fairy spends so much time in praise to God, their home naturally develops into a place of worship.  This is what happened to Moss House.

Moss House Window.JPG
Shoestring Hall.jpg

Most fairies walk barefoot, apart from the fairy of Shoestring Hall.  She is obsessed with shoes. That's why her home is in the shape of a boot.

Shoestring Hall   £65:00


Fairy wishes

When fairies overhear a wish, they bottle it and sprinkle it with fairy dust. If you find your wish in a bottle, it might just come true.


£3.50 each



Just like us, each fairy is a completely unique perfectly created individual.

From £5.00 to £8.00

Garden features

Quirky outdoor ornaments, water features and games that will brighten up your garden.


Arthur the giant rabbit 


A friendly garden pet that won't ruin your vegetable patch!

Tumbling monkey garden game


This Victorian toy will be an interesting feature in any garden and it's great fun too!


Noughts and crosses game


A lovely game to play outside on a sunny afternoon.