About Me

'When I was small, it was ok
To go out in the garden
And play all day!

Making gifts for fairies,
Talking to trees,
Thanking God for the sunshine
And the cool breeze.

I refused to grow up
I still wanted to play
But everyone said

"You have bills to pay!"

So I'll pay the bills if I must,
With a little imagination and fairy dust!'

After twenty-three years of primary school teaching, I am swapping the classroom for a woodshed. Using God's beautiful creations - slate, wood, pinecones, pebbles, shells - whatever I can find - I make a range of unique, handcrafted items perfect as gifts, or simply for bringing a little piece of the forest into your home!


07887 802592

Snowhill Lane, Scorton, Preston PR3 1BA, UK

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