The Haven Garden Fairies

Long before humans discovered The Haven Garden, the fairies lived here.  'The Haven' tree in the middle of the beautiful woodland garden has always been their home. It is only recently that they have learned to accept visitors to the Haven, though they are still very shy and usually disappear if any humans approach.


Normally the fairies love receiving letters from children and leave a reply in the magical fairy den for you to collect on your next visit.  

At the moment the fairy queen has people not to leave letters to reduce the risk of Gnomavirus.


fairy den.JPG
fairy jars.JPG
fairy slate.png
mini gate.JPG

If you want to know more about the Haven Garden fairies, you might like to read our little book.

It tells the story of how they overcame their fear of humans and made friends with Nikki when she started writing to them.

Fairy book cover.JPG

Make your own fairy 

Make-your-own cut-out fairies are available to buy in the shop, along with lots of other fairy-themed gifts.